Thought Leadership

Helping Human Resources Deliver Better Business Value

Ask the Chief Executive of virtually any global company about their experience with Human Resources leaders, and you will likely get one of two responses. First, are the "strategic HR leaders" who are very few in number but incredibly valuable when it comes to sorting the most important people issues from all the others that influence corporate performance and profitability.

The Linkage Of Pay Practices And Competitiveness

When a company begins to lose its competitive edge, there are multiple symptoms or warning signs. The first is when independent market analysis shows a rival company grabbing market share... at your company 's expense. The second is when managers inside your organisation notice

The Perils and Potential of Global Reporting

Foreign-owned companies face a unique set of challenges in today's rapidly globalising business environment. On the one hand, they often have the freedom and flexibility to operate in their own local, national or regional markets and drill down on the real opportunities, regulations and customer dynamics that are specific to that area. Because they are the company's market experts, they are given

The Value of Being A Coachable Executive

Opinions and perceptions are formed very quickly in our rush-around business world. That's especially true when senior business leaders look around and decide which people, products and processes to invest in. Because they are likewise stretched then, many CEOs and other 'C-Suite' executives look for behavioural and verbal cues to reinforce what they think they already know.

Refuelling Your Competitive Drive

What are you driven to achieve before year's end? This very important and highly personal question may help frame your business and professional goals as a global executive leader, particularly as you charge toward year-end performance and planning for the year ahead.

Are You Ready For Today's Boardroom?

One of the signpost markers of a truly successful executive career is getting a call to serve on a company's non-executive board of directors. It is a call few receive but many others hope to get. It is a public recognition not only of your extensive business experience but also of your professional standing, your peer network and your keen intellect and penchant for sound business judgment.

The Hallmarks Of An Extraordinary Team

Research the chemistry and growth of some of the world's most successful companies and you will quickly observe that the quality of people and of corporate leadership made all the difference in the organisation's formative years. Yet beyond the transformative idea, whether related to breakthrough products, services or technology is the powerful role of teamwork and team play.

When Bad Things Happen To Great Executives

Where might your executive career land if your company was the subject of a hostile takeover? Or sunk by a bankruptcy filing or liquidation? Or the very latest to see its voluminous customer data breached and its brand significantly devalued? Or caught in some kind of media scandal?

A Matter of Executive Focus

Where are you focused right now? It's a rather simple question that opens up a complex issue for many of today's global executives. Your focus as a leader is uniquely your own. But it's also the subject of others' attention as they look for cues to what motivates you, how and with whom you're spending your time, and which levers you're pulling to deliver bottom-line results

The Performance Power Of Shared Experience

If you've ever been invited to join an exciting corporate team-building retreat, you may already relate to the kind of transformative performance potential of sharing an experience with peers and colleagues beyond the social and physical walls that separate people in organisations. If done right, these adventures into the unknown - and often, far outside participants' comfort zones...


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