Thought Leadership

Scratching The Surface

Where will tomorrow's leaders come from? For companies on every continent, the answer to that simple question remains elusive and starkly sobering. Yet the question itself speaks volumes about the biggest single challenge to the sustainability of corporate performance, productivity and profitability for many years to come - and to the lingering uncertainty about how to meet it head-on.

7 Rules For Attracting The Best Executive Talent

Hiring companies that understand the recruitment of senior business leaders is a two-way street, will be in the best position to compete in increasingly global war for executive management talent that is now beginning to unfold.

The Executive Compensation Debate

The Financier Leo J. Hindery Jr once said: 'I think there are people, including myself at certain times in my career, who because of their uniqueness warrant whatever the market will bear.' But the questions beg HOW much is too much? and Should macroeconomic woes slow CEO pay growth?

The Talent Equation: Shaping Specialist Financial Services Talent

One language is beginning to emerge as the focal point of financial services organizations stretching from established capital markets in New York, London and Hong Kong to fast-growth and emerging global business centers such as Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai.

Under Pressure: Natural Resources Human Capital

The global Natural Resources market is nearing a critical tipping point. Sustained worldwide demand for natural resources is pushing investment in oil and gas exploration and production, mining and alternative natural resources such as wind and solar while the pace of research in new and renewable energy sciences continues to elevate.

The Way Forward For Industrial And Manufacturing Leaders

Leading industrial and manufacturing companies around the world are today confronted with a range of new and increasingly complex challenges. From intense global competition and a market-driven shift in workforce deployment to new demands for innovation, industrial and manufacturing

Finding The Ideal Candidate

Wendy Lau, Managing Partner in the Kuala Lumpur office was recently interviewed in Business Today. By most accounts, it will be an employees' or job seekers' market in Malaysia in the next two years, as corporations expand their business. Indeed, the sectors which will likely see stronger job creation include senior positions in

The Importance of Retention

As the market for executive talent becomes increasingly fluid, as real and perceived loyalty of the employee to the employer decreases, companies without a clear strategy for finding and retaining talent will miss opportunities and ultimately fail.

Successful Negotiation Is a Party of Three

Negotiation at executive levels is not for the faint of heart. It is key to understand the nuances of the negotiation process and apply them at the right moments. It's important not to dread the process. Top candidates who are well-suited

Executive Stress Management

"There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full." - Henry Kissinger Stress is part of everyday life, and is perfectly normal. This does not mean however that it is healthy or inevitable!


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