Thought Leadership

The Art Of Engaging With Every Personality Type

One of the delicate balancing acts required of senior management leaders is juggling the need to engage with lots of different people and personality types across the enterprise whilst not compromising what the leader - and the organisation - truly stand for. As new technology continually multiplies the ways individuals can express themselves...

A Shared Agenda For Leaders In Sports And Business

When a certain sports executive recruited from one team to another team was introduced to the media in his new home city, he quickly shared a simple plan to turn around an under-performing team and make it a contender.

The Transformative Power Of Inquiry

The late and legendary management guru Peter Drucker once observed: "The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell. The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask." The implications of that simple yet profound statement are innumerable.

The Importance Of Taking Relationships "Off-Script"

We've all heard it before. Change is a constant. Yet in today's global business environment, the pace of change can invigorate business potential or run you over. When faced with the risks and opportunities presented by change, leaders naturally tend to leverage relationships for the insights and answers that can help them navigate the road ahead.

A Vital Message For Emerging, High-Potential Leaders

Put a group of ambitious, first-time business leaders in a room together today and the discussion will likely turn on top-line revenue growth, the challenges of entering new markets, risk management and what politicians should do to stimulate economies.

The Peril Of Stretching Executives Too Thin

During what has been described as 'The Great Recession' extending now through the European debt crisis, the tendency of many organisations has been to downsize their workforces and heap more responsibility on key management executives.

The Courage Leaders Need Now

Think about the last time you ran across someone who was utterly incompetent. Perhaps it was someone to whom you were recently introduced in a business setting. Maybe it was an individual from no particular functional department or...

Leading In A Business World Full Of Distractions

High performing executives often lament that there are only 24 hours in a day. That's because they're extremely engaged with their business and devoting time, energy and focus to the most critical decisions. For the rest, their worry about getting things done is borne of their almost constant distraction by things of little import to their employer's business objectives.

Business Networking Now A Bigger Corporate And Career Imperative

The rigours of executive leadership in today's global economic climate have made continuous business networking an imperative for savvy corporate managers in every function and industry. Solving new challenges and putting out complex organisational and political fires on a daily basis remains a reality.

Visionaries Wanted (And So Desperately Needed)

The business world wants visionaries. Many organisations also desperately need them, too. Vision in today's turbulent business climate requires courage and conviction.


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