Thought Leadership

The Key To Re-Engaging Disengaged Teams

Every business leader wants to harness, or perhaps even bottle the special ingredients that comprise high performing teams. The magnetic appeal of teams of peers working with extraordinary focus and energy in pursuit of something remarkable is undeniable as a source of potential profit and recruitment dividends. After all, everyone wants to be part of a winning team.

The Search For Business And Managerial Confidence

The technologies that now integrate with our everyday lives and careers have exaggerated our human senses, giving us the ability to know more, learn more and reach more than ever before. Yet, in our times, these gifts can be a blessing and a curse. Business executives can access more competitive intelligence and sift through mountains of data about things like consumer buying trends and economic demographics.

Why Leaders Must Be Willing To Be Wrong

There's a lot on the mind of today's global executive leader. Investing for growth. Opening new markets. Innovating. Growing top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability. Staying current with emerging trends, and keeping ahead of the competition. Keeping the right people focused on the biggest priorities.

Passing The Authenticity Test

What can you tell me about yourself? Note that this question doesn't address all the qualities and qualifications that might make you an exemplary global executive. Rather, this is the kind of simple, straightforward question that potential clients and buyers sometimes ask to explore who you really are, what you're committed to, and what you prioritize in business and in life, too.

Aligning Work and Life Beyond The Corporate Office

Over the past decade, much has been written about executives' desire to achieve more balance between their work and life responsibilities beyond the corporate office. Yet while many aspire to work fewer hours and spend more of their time engaged in family and leisure pursuits, few achieve the equilibrium they want and need.

Why Skills And Experience Matter Less At The Executive Level

Among the very first things a Chief Executive or corporate hiring authority is likely to inquire about when considering a candidate for a critical management role are the issues of 'What have they done?' and 'Where have they done it?'

The Case For Aligning Business Leaders And Politicians

The future of national economies, corporate enterprises and politicians' careers are linked now and must be even more closely aligned in the years to come in order to grow the global economy, create jobs and create stability in challenging times.

"FIT": The Misnomer Of The Year

Did you know that Oxford American Dictionaries recently declared the 2012 Word of the Year is "GIF"? As in "to create a GIF (computer) file of an image or video sequence". Pop culture likes tinkering with edgy wordplay, even in the workplace. But while some re-imaginations serve to enrich our corporate speak, others may diminish insightful conversation.

'Mis-hires' and how to avoid them

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, organisations can ill afford to "mis-hire" - especially at the senior-most levels. Yet, bad hiring decisions are made all the time.These mis-hires are costly, disruptive, demoralising and difficult to undo. The Globe and Mail spoke with executive recruiter Hart Hillman, senior partner leading the global technology search practice for TRANSEARCH...

How to Hire the Right Person: 5 Quick Tips

Most leaders like to think they have the hiring process wired - define the need, reach out to your network, interview three candidates and hire the best one. Honestly, we wish it could always be that simple, and for some roles, it is. So why do some of these new hires quit or worse, have to be terminated after a year? Something was missing. Over the years we've created a checklist that should...


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