Embracing A Supreme Challenge

When was the last time you truly lost yourself?

How long has it been since you took on a mental or physical challenge so immense in your own mind that you emerged on the other side of your goal and found you had utterly surprised yourself?

As global business executives, many of us fit the mold of the classic ‘Type A” personality. We are serious. We are professional and hard charging. We expect more of ourselves than of others. And we don’t settle for mediocrity, particularly when it comes to the business results we very much see as a reflection of who we are and what we can achieve. Yet it is for these very reasons that taking on a bold, new challenge may really lead us to an unfamiliar, even threatening place. Much of our success, over the course of our careers, is the result of self-discipline, tenacity and our willingness to plot out a linear course between our current state and our strategic business goals.

This capacity to navigate around obstacles serves us well… most of the time. You see, from time to time, whether in our personal or professional lives, there comes a challenge that is as unfamiliar as it is daunting. It may have the effect of transforming our reflection in the mirror from highly qualified senior management leader to that of an under-qualified newcomer uncertain of exactly how to overcome or achieve it. It may make us seem inexperienced and even vulnerable. But this is precisely the kind of challenge we need to stretch ourselves and reach our true potential as global leaders.

Putting yourself in unfamiliar territory can be a scary prospect, but it can also lead us to destinations we simply could not have imagined before. Especially today, as the corporate push for innovation and creativity in pursuit of game-changing business results intensifies, we must be prepared to take on challenges that, for now, may seem almost unattainable. All of the assets we have brought to previous challenges will serve us well. The lessons we have learned about ourselves, about others and about the environments we have operated up to now can actually serve as a compass for guiding our way toward a new challenge.

If it has been some time since you dropped your pre-conceptions and embraced something totally new, now is the time. If it has been years since you faced some fears or walked headstrong into a new arena, it is important to take that step. Tackling a personal or professional goal on a large scale – that is, maybe on the order of nothing you have faced in the past – can indeed lead to big results. At the very least, you will learn even more about yourself and how to apply your talents and gifts.

So go on, get on with it. Embrace your supreme challenge with excitement, because new roads will open to you and teach you along the way.

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