The Value of Being A Coachable Executive

Opinions and perceptions are formed very quickly in our rush-around business world.
That’s especially true when senior business leaders look around and decide which people, products and processes to invest in. Because they are likewise stretched then, many CEOs and other ‘C-Suite’ executives look for behavioural and verbal cues to reinforce what they think they already know.

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, individual leaders at just about every level of the organisation can be stereotyped or internally branded in a way that limits their career growth and development and the support they get from the enterprise.

It is for these reasons, and all the opportunities that can come from demonstrating open-mindedness and a willing to learn no matter how much you know, that being coachable as an executive is a doorway to achieving your potential.

Consider the relatively new leader who exudes confidence in public, but privately expresses a desire for his direct reports to tell him – candidly – what they think he could be doing better.
Or consider the veteran leader uncomfortable with the pace of digitisation and globalisation. He or she may need to step back from daily operations for a brief period and some invest time off-site developing new professional insights and skills to remain a relevant contributor to the team.

Coaching is particularly relevant when it comes to navigating the unwritten social architecture of today’s global corporations.

Agreeing to be coached does require some courage, and an equal dose of vulnerability. That can be hard to swallow for some global leaders, but it’s required medicine for more and more of those charged with leading global teams and business initiatives.

Engaging with a coach can help you find answers to tough business challenges. It can help you organise your thoughts by auditioning your message to a trusted confidant, and helping you figure out what needs fine-tuning. It can also surprise and stretch you in ways you may not be capable of doing yourself.

But the pure investment of time with a coach creates value that goes far beyond your own enrichment.

Being a coachable executive – that is, inviting different points of view and even occasional critiques – sends a powerful message throughout the organisation. It says – to those who know you best – that you’re acknowledging some need for improvement and continual focus.

By extension, it gives others permission to be something less than perfect, and may even encourage the kind of experimentation and failure that often leads to innovative breakthroughs.
If and when you have it, seize the opportunity to engage with an executive coach. You will find the benefits within. Those around you will sense a change for the better, and together you’ll be willing to bust through barriers and attain the growth you need.

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