Refuelling Your Competitive Drive

What are you driven to achieve before year’s end?

This very important and highly personal question may help frame your business and professional goals as a global executive leader, particularly as you charge toward year-end performance and planning for the year ahead.

It may be that you’ve already asked yourself this question and pondered your own answer. Or it may well be, given the visibility and responsibility of your role in an organisation, that others are pushing you to produce, waiting and watching for the results you’ve promised or that they’ve expected before casting judgment on your fit to the objectives.

It’s clear that you have to make your own commitments and choose your own battles.

You need to reach down inside and determine how you’re going to create opportunity and maximise the resources in your command. You will have to challenge others to find their own internal drivers of performance, and along the way, get in better touch with the things that motivate you as well.

But choose wisely. Invest carefully, only after weighing all the options. You must align with the biggest goals that will mean the most in the long-term. Sure, you must also produce the desired results in the next 90 to 120 days.

But aside from hitting those goals, one must also consider how your chosen paths forward may set you up for success in 2016.

One way to think about charging toward the attainment of your goals is to likewise consider these two questions: What do you wish to demonstrate to others? And, most importantly, what is it that you want to prove yourself?

Enlisting the support of your team is a vital step. Believing in your mission, and the power of your own decision-making to shape it, or at least, to realise it, is another key to peak performance.

It would be easy to underestimate, by the way, the importance of maintaining your physical and mental toughness for the challenges ahead. Long workdays and too many sleepless nights present a threat to your own performance in your leadership role. Poor dietary choices, a lack of exercise, and many other bad behavioural habits can also knock you off your stride.

As you charge toward your biggest goals, you really need to be at the top of your game.
Finding your own motivators, confronting your own self-doubt and biases against productive action steps, and refuelling yourself – in mind and body – will combine to help you perform at your very best.

It’s been said that everyone we meet is on his or her own journey. Remember, as you focus on business results, to consider that each person – every peer, subordinate, supplier and business partner – has their own goals to realise. If you can align your objectives to theirs in a way that makes the results clear and beneficial for them, you will inspire the best in others – and realise your own goals faster.

Now, it’s time to make them happen.

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