Levelling The Playing Field For Women Leaders

The corporate status quo simply isn’t working for women leaders.

The lingering inequity for the most senior of female global executives moved Norway to require at least 40 percent of public company boards members to be women.

The disparity of compensation between men and women in the same roles has once again begun to creep into the American political dialogue as presidential candidates assess what’s wrong with business.

And more global multinational companies continue to advocate for a more diverse workplace reflective of their far more diverse – and globalising – customer bases and supply chains. So what’s it going to take to level the playing field for women leaders?

In a word, courage.

It will require that men in positions of power first acknowledge the historic inequity that has prevented women from earning what their male colleagues were paid and how perpetuating the boys’ club in boardrooms and executive management has prevented many women leaders from ever reaching the top.

It will require women leaders to avoid committing many of the same mistakes. That is, if their individual advocacy for creating more leadership and developmental opportunities for women actually discriminates against men, they are none the wiser.

Rather, global women executives and board members must identify the barriers facing women and actively help remove them from the business landscape while at the same time promoting meritocracy and fair play within their organisations.

Younger, emerging women leaders also have a role to play. They must continue to question authority and discriminatory practice or policy that unfairly obstructs their career growth and advancement. They must continue to expect equal pay for equal work, and they must advocate for business practices and leaders who understand why the glass ceiling must be shattered once and for all.
In so many cases, change requires courage. On the matter of evening the playing field and giving more women leaders the opportunities they need to reach their full potential, we’re way past due.

It’s time for global leaders – one and all – to finally lead on this issue – or get out of the way.

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