Time Management More Important For Global Executives

The pressures of global leadership continue to escalate.

Every day, they demand more from senior corporate leaders. They require more in terms of technical understanding, market savvy and competitive intelligence. And they take more from leaders who can only accomplish so much in a day.
It is for these reasons that effective time management has risen dramatically on the needs list for anyone charged with running a global enterprise.

No matter how early you get to the office each day or how long you stay, the reality is that if you don’t methodically plan for your priorities and regularly pivot away from the best laid plans to tackle emerging challenges, you will quickly find yourself boxed into a routine that may inhibit business and personal growth.
But there are some proven strategies that can help you spend your time wisely.

First, try to start your day with a task – be it personal or business related – that will stir your senses and give you some small sense of having started things off on the right foot. Sometimes, creating a ritual or routine that helps you focus for the day ahead can give you the boost you need. Second, take stock of who and what are competing for your time and attention on a regular basis, and whether you can steer others away from your desk either through delegating or giving them the confidence to make some decisions on their own. After all, if everyone needs a meeting to make a decision, or requires your approval even for the small stuff, you may need to do a re-set of expectations with your team. Third, one of the easiest things you can do to give yourself a jump-start on all the work that needs your focus this week is to plan tomorrow today.

Closing out each business day with a look at what will consume your schedule tomorrow may give you some sense of how to navigate your schedule, and whether you really need to be involved in everything others have placed on your calendar.

Managing your own business schedule is a bit like managing the today’s global organization. If you say yes to everything, you’ll quickly lose sight of the most important objectives. And if you isolate yourself by saying no to too much, you may lose important relationship capital across your team. Making careful judgments about how and where you’ll spend your time, and with whom, on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis will help keep you agile and provide a sense of confidence that you have what it takes to make the most of every day and every new opportunity that comes your way.

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