The Payback on Executive Coaching

Lots of global leaders these days are finding a unique form of value in their relationship with an executive coach.

Not despite but rather because these talented leaders bring years of experience to their current corporate management roles, they understand that the right executive coach can help them uncover strategic blind spots and focus on what’s most important for their enterprises as well as their careers.

These leaders – across every function and industry sector – recognise their capacity to realise their own performance potential is influenced not only by their own actions and perspectives but also by perceptions about their commitment to lead.

They regularly stop to consider how their decisions reverberate across the organisation. They reveal themselves with candor and humility to an executive coach who can help detect strengths and weaknesses. They accept constructive feedback, and challenge themselves to do better.

Yet the time it takes to engage meaningfully, one-on-one with an executive coach does prevent them from tackling other priorities. But this is the kind of investment with enormous returns on investment.

The payback on executive coaching is realised in many forms. It is, much like the coaching and learning journey, highly personalised.

Because no two executives bring the same life and career experience to a role, and no two walk in the same shoes every day as they engage with other leaders, customers, employees, shareholders and competitors, the coaching journey for each global executive can be uniquely rewarding.

There is some correlation between the depth of the coaching dialogue and exercises and the key takeaways for the coached leader.

The coaching engagement is meant to illuminate, to stretch and to improve the individual. The goal is to take the leader from their current state to a future condition that will bear fruit for them and the enterprises they serve.

The means to getting there is a deep and abiding trust in the coach and the process.

It’s important to remember that the pathway itself may only become clearer once the individual executive gets a better glimpse of his or her true self and comes to terms with who they really are and what they want to do on the road ahead.

The journey is its own reward, and the payback best measured with a new and more expansive view of personal growth and discovery.

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