Self-Confidence A Guiding Light For Executive Career Decisions

Success, it has been observed, is the sum total of the confident decisions you make.

Whether at work, at home or when you may be deliberating the next chapter of your global executive career, the decisions you can make with a sense of inner strength and security are often the ones that will demand the very best of what you can give.

Take the case of a highly successful global executive who has worked for major corporations in the United States and Asia. He is currently weighing a small number of very attractive career options, including job offers, consulting, a franchise opportunity and a capstone appointment to a board.

So how will he decide among a handful of promising career paths?

It’s easy, he suggests. It will soon come down to a choice between clearly distinct opportunities to apply what he’s learned, but perhaps more importantly, the level of self-confidence he can bring to each one.

Self-confidence, he figures, will move him to assert his energy in the market space he’s most bullish about, with the peers he feels he can most count on, and on the business opportunities that promise the biggest impact on customers, employees and shareholders.

No one likes feeling like a fish out of water. The emotional forces that move accomplished executives to set a course for exciting careers are driven in part by their desire to avoid feeling insecure in uncharted waters but perhaps far more by their desire to play to their strengths and leverage what they already know.

Particularly today, executives must work in environments that may be clouded with ambiguity, obscured by regulatory pressures or redefined by competitors or even consumers. Given all the unknowns out there, it’s natural for leaders to look within for those sources of confident competence to tackle new opportunities or sort lingering challenges.

One cannot adequately consider the potential of tapping self-confidence, however, without also acknowledging its limits and the dangers of letting confidence morph into hubris.

Self-confidence in the right doses can provide clarity for us, particularly when it comes to making important decisions about our careers. If it’s tinged with at least some willingness to question our own opinions, to hear out others’, and to recognize and acknowledge when we confidently set down the right path, self-confidence serves us well.

But if we allow our own sense of self-confidence to close out other voices or to insulate us from others who bring less confidence to critical decisions, it can become our own personal undoing.

Self-confidence can be a guiding light when it comes to making the best career choices. Discover for yourself the things that can help you move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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