The Disabling Power Of Corporate Inertia

Global executives will gather in a multitude of meeting rooms today to discuss big ideas and the emergence of significant business opportunities – never realising that their organisations are utterly incapable of realising them.

That’s because the power of corporate inertia – the incredible social, structural and political inside influences that protect “the way we do things around here” – is often enough to choke the life out of ideas and innovations that would require real change or threaten others’ sense of identity and security.

The structure and culture of many organisations already ensures that many good ideas never actually reach the executive power ranks. That’s because the vested interests of people running from your customer-facing front lines all the way through the corporate chain of command are so deeply rooted.

Unless someone is in a position of real authority to help take a new view, a different opinion or perhaps even a groundbreaking idea all the way from its formation straight to the point of endorsement and application, no one else may because of the potential risks involved.

What all this means is that there may be more reason in 2015 to start new business units with new brands, new people and dedicated resources rather than hoping a new, smaller group of individuals can change your entire organization on the timetable you expect.

There are few things as compelling in today’s business environment as a clear mandate and the necessary investment to make it happen.

Recognising, in many cases, that the culture and even the people who brought you to one successful destination as an enterprise may not serve a new or different strategic agenda could save executives lots of time and frustration waiting for business results that can’t be delivered.

Though the power of corporate inertia can be disabling, the power of pursuing something new and bold with fewer organizational obstacles can make all the difference.  

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