Roadmap For An Uncertain Future

It’s been said that if we could travel through time to experience part of the future, it wouldn’t scare so many of us today.

Many of us have already heard a litany of reasons to expect the unexpected as it relates to the future of our organizations, our communities and, from a purely technological point of view, our everyday lives.

You may have already listened to some expert talk about our business world being permeated now with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) all at the same time. Change, it seems, is coming and constant. It may already be here. So let’s hope we’re all comfortable with it, or at cognizant that there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

We can, however, as global business leaders, recognize the biggest threat that each of us faces.

That is the prospect of being asked to tackle new challenges by applying yesterday’s rules, or worse yet, what we learned in university courses decades ago, or even what may have worked before in a different setting, to the realities of today’s globally connected business challenges.

Leading with yesterday’s playbook can lead to disaster. In some cases, the rules of the game in some industry spaces need to be made up on the fly – sometimes, a few times a year depending on the competition, the regulatory environment and the pace of change on a global scale.

The leader’s very best roadmap for an uncertain future lies within.

It is our own sense of self, of organisational purpose, and individual commitment to team goals that can help us create or find the answers we need when the questions themselves are hazy or too daunting to get right the first time.

The challenge of getting things right today to ensure we’re in a good place to address what tomorrow throws at us rests on our individual capacity to gather insight, to ask tough questions and to keep our own assumptions from getting in the way.

In today’s ambiguous world, what one leader sees as a massive business challenge might actually be revealed as a transformative new opportunity if only seen from a slightly different angle or without all the bias that each of us brings to its view.

Leadership requires today’s leaders to balance what they see on the outside with what they know on the inside.

Sometimes, we have to forget everything we knew in order to learn everything that matters now.

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