Creating Rather Than Waiting For Opportunity

The growth of global social media and technology-driven business networking has given all of us a new perspective on the multiplying potential of new online tools that expand our circle of friends and colleagues.

Yet there is an even bigger payoff for global business executives who consciously decide to look for opportunity where they may least expect it, right in front of them and far away, and in even the most casual of referrals and business introductions.

It may well be that someone you will engage for the first time today might lend incredible perspective and value to one of the people you’ve known and or worked with the longest.

It could be that your assessment of a business challenge or opportunity may be obscured, and that the secret to solving or unlocking it requires only your trust in a peer or subordinate with a different but fundamentally distinct point of view.

Or perhaps there is a new, even bigger opportunity in a far-off, emerging or growing market that you might only discover by taking the time to travel there, or perhaps to solicit the insight of a local market expert who alone can help you see through the red tape and focus your attention in a place that could unearth a surprising business outcome.
The point is that if you are content to wait for new innovations internally to take flight or to watch the global economy for that confirming moment when it becomes clear that investing will indeed pay off, you may be missing out on incredible opportunities to create value in your work and your executive career.

Perhaps more now than ever before, there are idea people seeking support and funding. There are potentially game-changing business partners knocking on your door. There are talented people hoping to join your team. And there are markets in need of your products and services even if they don’t rise to your level of visibility.

The pursuit of innovation, change and business growth in our increasingly interconnected global economy is on every business leader’s agenda these days. But not everyone will achieve these aims.

Those who will are taking steps now to help others. They are taking the time – difficult as it may be given crowded weekly schedules – to forge new relationships and to make business referrals even if the benefits to both parties are uncertain. They are connecting ideas and relationships to one another, and gaining new friends and perspective along the way.

So the next time someone comes knocking on your door, answer it. The next time you find someone in distress, offer help. And when you next think of doing something new or different for a new acquaintance or an old friend, take action. As the saying goes, good goes around. Create opportunities for others and you will undoubtedly create new potential for yourself.

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