Why Do You Really Want The Business?

Chances are, your company or someone on your team is chasing a particular piece of business because the target is a well-known, global and/or growth-minded organisation and because adding them to your company’s client list would do great things for the enterprise, not to mention your career.

There are lots of sales and business development executives pursuing business from prospective clients across every industry these days. Most of them would acknowledge they’re chasing long-term relationship potential, perhaps in addition to a short-term gain in revenue that might help shape the size of their next quarterly bonus.

Yet even more value might be found if one were to stop long enough to ask why they’re chasing a certain prospect.

Why do we really want this business?  What are we willing to invest to secure and retain this client? What will it say about our organisation if our target actually does give us its business? And what might we learn from this prospective client?

Those are just some of the questions that might come to mind upon even a short moment’s reflection about our purpose in pursuing a promising new prospect.

What comes quickly to the surface are our own wonderings about our intent, our values and how they synch with the prospect’s values, and how well our teams might do serving the potential customer’s actual needs. This kind of so-called ‘gut check’ might actually help us put our best foot forward when it comes to pitching for the new business.

That is, to have explored our own interest and commitment to winning the business and to have thoughtfully worked out how we might serve the prospect’s needs is to have given ourselves the very best odds of earning the chance to do just those things.

Before your next sales or business development pitch, take a moment to consider how badly you want it. Maybe this prospective client isn’t worth the trouble having. But maybe, just maybe, the target you’ve set your sights on will create new and uncommon opportunities to bring out the best in you.

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