The Key To Re-Engaging Disengaged Teams

Every business leader wants to harness, or perhaps even bottle the special ingredients that comprise high performing teams.

The magnetic appeal of teams of peers working with extraordinary focus and energy in pursuit of something remarkable is undeniable as a source of potential profit and recruitment dividends. After all, everyone wants to be part of a winning team.

Yet in today’s global business climate, there are at least as many disengaged and under performing teams as there are those populated with the kinds of success and storytelling that creates incredible momentum toward enterprise objectives.

This is true, in large part, because companies have been playing defence for a long time. Many have not invested in their people or teams for some time. Others simply don’t have the resources to put highly engaging, high-return research and innovation projects in the hands of select high performers. Some executives admit they simply don’t have any ‘stretch assignments’ to offer their up-and-comers.

The result is that many leaders now find themselves in the unenviable position of having to motivate and inspire teams that are tired, stressed and, quite possibly, de-motivated and uninspired. Yet with corporate resources still stretched thin, what can leaders do to turn things around?

The truth is, there is no silver bullet. In fact, if the well of corporate culture has been poisoned by corporate shortsightedness or blinded to the reality that top performers are already evaluating their options for a career move to greener pastures, a team may not regain its former performance levels.

Yet the key to evaluating what’s possible, and the potential of building or creating teams of high caliber contributors is for the executive leader to get inside the hearts and minds of those who might be asked to do new and different things in pursuit of new organisational goals.

In times like there, there simply is no substitute for a leader’s commitment to peer in close, to lean in close and learn everything he or she can about what their people want to achieve in their own lives and careers, what they’d like to achieve if only they had the opportunity, and the extent to which they’re willing to risk and collaborate to drive something new or powerful for the enterprise.

In order to know what’s possible, we as leaders must commit to a new level of intimacy, of closeness and camaraderie with our professional colleagues. Only then will the potential of new investments and new teams be revealed.

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