The Search For Business And Managerial Confidence

The technologies that now integrate with our everyday lives and careers have exaggerated our human senses, giving us the ability to know more, learn more and reach more than ever before.

Yet, in our times, these gifts can be a blessing and a curse. Business executives can access more competitive intelligence and sift through mountains of data about things like consumer buying trends and economic demographics. But our heightened senses also make us naturally more sensitive to and aware of the smallest disruptions in business output, customer behaviours and stock market gyrations.

If global leaders pay too much attention to the micro-scale, they may lose sight of the bigger picture relating to long-term value levers like organisational mission and culture. If mangers pay invest too much focus on the macro-level, of course, they run the risk of becoming disconnected from emerging trends, trouble spots and opportunities.
So where does this all lead us?

These realities lead us all to a search for confidence and the things that provide strength, dependability and courage when the pressures of volatility and uncertainty make business and managerial resilience real virtues.

It requires that we bring an open mind and inquiring spirit to discover the things we know but not well enough, the things we don’t know but should, and the boundless possibilities that come from experimentation, discovery and letting go of personal and organisational assumptions.

Confidence is the wellspring from which great team dynamics and performance come. Confidence motivates us to believe in ourselves when the chips are down. And confidence is what we can find if we look for it in people – ourselves and those around us.

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