Aligning Work and Life Beyond The Corporate Office

Over the past decade, much has been written about executives’ desire to achieve more balance between their work and life responsibilities beyond the corporate office.

Yet while many aspire to work fewer hours and spend more of their time engaged in family and leisure pursuits, few achieve the equilibrium they want and need.

The question of how overworked business leaders might better utilise their time and focus on work priorities demands more exploration. Particularly over the past four years, managers in a variety of executive leadership roles have been doing more with less, and working long hours that have at times taken a toll on their physical health.

Beyond the need for a more balanced work/life experience, however, some attention should be paid to the question of whether individuals at all levels of the enterprise have genuinely aligned who they are inside the workplace with who they are outside of it. That is, we should all strive to be our authentic selves at work and at play, lest we devolve into acting or pretending to be something we aren’t.

At their very core, authentic leaders are exactly who others see and experience them to be. They are known for straight talk, honesty and being comfortable in their own skin and capable of laughing at themselves and not overly concerned with their image or their own self-advancement.

The way to get ahead in your career and in your life is to be known universally – in both environments – as the individual you really are, warts and all, so that others can be comfortable in your company, inspired by your effort and commitment, and warmed by your encouragement and example.

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