The Case For Aligning Business Leaders And Politicians

The future of national economies, corporate enterprises and politicians’ careers are linked now and must be even more closely aligned in the years to come in order to grow the global economy, create jobs and create stability in challenging times.

This will require business leaders to see more clearly through the political issues that often hold up common sense legislation and government policy. It will also require governments the world over to act more like businesses and become accountable to taxpayers.

Perhaps there will be a new, global summons for accomplished business leaders willing to take on the rather under-appreciated and often underpaid work of a public service.

At a minimum, business growth and the challenge of raising tax revenue from business profits and personal income hinges on the regularity and relevance of business and public sector dialogue about the obstacles to business expansion, the elimination of nonsensical tax loopholes and subsidies, and the welfare of working people and the students who represent the future corporate workforce.

Without this kind of serious, ongoing focus on the synergistic relationship of business with government, the public is left uninformed and the most visible leaders on both sides of the public-private often resort to the kind of verbal sniping that frustrates employees and taxpayers alike.

Especially in challenging times like these, politicians and business must commit anew to working collaboratively and knowing each others’ realities far better than they have.

The reality is that business can’t realise its potential without government help, and governments can’t satisfy their significant responsibilities nor contribute meaningfully to the common good without prosperous businesses and taxpayers who appreciate their role in the global economy and the wider world.

Aligning business and political interests is now a global mandate and opportunity we can’t afford to seize.

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