The Best Business Leaders Start With This

An often mis-attributed but widely circulated business quotation speaks precisely of the kind of mettle that today’s business executives have to bring during challenging times:
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

If only peering into the hearts and minds of every business leader were easy. In reality, hints of what really occupies, motivates and defines the best global leader may be revealed in a job interview, but much of who they are at his or her core remain hidden from most employers’ view.

We would all be well served to inquire about what each leader has on the inside as a way of judging how he or she might perform, how he or she might respond in a stressful situation, and/or how he or she views the challenge  and their unique role in rising up to it.

Getting beyond the veneer and posturing that most interview-savvy executives summon in order to present the very best of themselves is really important for companies that want to really know how, exactly, they may be hiring or considering for promotion.
Of course, the business leaders’ true colours will be known to employees, colleagues and customers in due time. But getting closer to that understanding before we risk so much on him or her would be time well invested.

The very best business leaders – those capable of inspiring greater team performance and attracting the next generation of business executives – are those who bring an uncanny knowledge of self, warts included. They already know what’s important to them and how to inspire themselves when external conditions may cloud strategic vision and threaten enterprise sustainability.

The next time you go in search of a global leader with all the right stuff for your organisation, focus on who he or she truly is on the inside and what they feel they are capable of achieving if they have the courage to turn their inner strength outward for the good of the team.


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