How Talent And Hustle Will Impact Your Teams

To be gifted with exceptional talent is enough to grow an amazing career. To combine that talent with a consistent commitment to do one’s very best – to hustle, to give one’s all – is enough to grow astounding leaders and organisations alike.

Consider the ‘star’ who backs up his or her performance with an amazing work ethic.

This is precisely the kind of individual to whom most top performers want to be a teammate because they want to win, they can see the commitment the most talented person among them repeatedly demonstrates, and because they, in turn, feel a commitment not to let the star down.

The force multiplier effect of just one richly talented performer can be incredible. Typically, the rest of the team or business unit aspires to deliver just as well and just as frequently. Sure, most will never get there, but if they raise their game in any way because of just one all-star, consider the impact of six standout performers or perhaps a whole team or department of superior talent.

The magnetic nature of star performers – particularly if they are humble, fun to be around, and a genuinely nice person that others can easily relate to – is certainly part of what makes them attractive and especially valuable. They are the pillar employees upon which the business can make critical decisions and promises.

Just as these top performers can grow a business, their polar opposites – people with no talent and little to no work ethic – can actually spark or accelerate an organisation’s decline. The motivation, energy and morale of top performers will run dry very quickly if they perceive they’re working in an environment in which subpar performers are allowed to comfortably co-habit. Or, worse yet, if these misfits are allowed to pollute the waters of enterprise culture with their lack of commitment, poor attitude and/or utter lack of competency.

The moral of this story is to build your teams around individuals who bring both exceptional talent and effort to the table, and to part ways with people who simply don’t realise how their lack of effort hurts the whole team.

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