EMEA Leadership Outlook

If 2009 proved a year the world economy would rather forget, 2010 brings measured optimism for corporate growth across Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Improved management confidence in the global economy, prospects for higher corporate earnings, and more buoyant (though still somewhat stressed) credit markets seem likely to empower the rebuild of organisational assets and plans forced to abandonment in the challenging days of what’s been called “The Great Recession.”

Companies across the EMEA region entered the New Year, however, with tighter spending and risk management controls, significant workforce and management leadership challenges, fiercer competition, more government regulation and, perhaps the biggest challenge of all, lingering uncertainty about where best to invest precious capital.

Welcome to “The New Normal,” a business world more pressured by global concerns as big as global warming, the future of modern healthcare, and longstanding social inequity and increasingly
punctuated by volatile commodity prices, stagnant wages, workforce discontent and weak export markets.

With this new and especially fluid business dynamic shaping business decisions from Stockholm and Tel Aviv to Moscow and Cape Town, consumers and investors alike await more signals of
economic strength whilst employers still wonder whether the recession really is over.

What is clear is that nearly every business in the EMEA region is leaner than it was just one year ago, and perhaps smarter for having survived a torrent of economic obstacles on the road back to future-looking business planning.

The fact that more of them are planning and investing and hiring for the future today bodes well for a regional economic recovery and a return to growth and profit-making, albeit on a smaller, slower scale than has been seen in the not-too-distant past.

The EMEA region is poised for better days in 2010, but critical challenges remain. Given their unique viewpoints on the way forward, distinguished executive search consultants from a number
of TRANSEARCH International offices across the EMEA region have contributed their unique market insight and client engagement expertise to inform some of the toughest leadership challenges
that lay ahead.

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EMEA Leadership Outlook


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