ASIA - Leadership Outlook: A Moment Of Opportunity For Asia

In many ways, the global economic recession has wiped the slate clean for many institutions – and individuals – across Asia.

Business leaders intoxicated by the idea that their enterprises would ride the fortunes of high growth national and regional economies have learned some hard lessons about the inter dependencies of the global economy. They can no longer lead in a vacuum nor overlook the hard business lessons learned beyond the Pacific Rim.

Non-executive directors and shareholders have witnessed a day of reckoning for companies that failed to curtail excessive risk-taking and boards that neither understood nor intervened when risk management took a back seat to short-term profit mongering.

They now know the high price of indifference and financial instability.

Consumers have also been forced to reset expectations in the face of political instability, corporate downsizing and new pressures related to energy conservation, an increasingly competitive job market, and the need for more robust retirement saving. They have a better understanding of the personal risk and opportunity of the business cycle.

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Asia Leadership Outlook


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