Scratching The Surface

Why Companies Must Help Women Leaders Shatter The Glass Ceiling

Where will tomorrow’s leaders come from?

For companies on every continent, the answer to that simple question remains elusive and starkly sobering. Yet the question itself speaks volumes about the biggest single challenge to the sustainability of corporate performance, productivity and profitability for many years to come – and to the lingering uncertainty about how to meet it head-on.

Managing talent and growing the next generation of business leaders are becoming recognized as the keys to achieving human capital advantage over the competition in a global knowledge economy. Yet, today’s inflexible and exclusionary approaches to management succession will cease to yield the supply of leaders to drive innovation and higher performance unless employers create more meaningful leadership and development opportunities for the single largest segment of university graduates around the world – women.

The ascension of an alarmingly small number of exceptionally qualified women to the role of Chief Executive Officer or Board Director for some of the world’s largest companies may suggest, to some, that the balance of men and women in top management is nearing parity...

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Women In The Boardroom


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