Under Pressure: Natural Resources Human Capital

A Prized Resource As Global Consumer Demand Escalates And Natural Resources Companies Confront Significant Talent Gap

Perspectives from TRANSEARCH International

The global Natural Resources market is nearing a critical tipping point.
Sustained worldwide demand for natural resources is pushing investment in oil and gas exploration and production, mining and alternative natural resources such as wind and solar while the pace of research in new and renewable energy sciences continues to elevate.

But as the price of energy commodities spikes ever higher and investment in research and development reaches new levels, today’s natural resources companies find themselves strained by technical challenges, government bureaucracy and the challenge of balancing their investments against the market dynamics and consumer economics of mature and emerging markets around the world.
But one challenge – based on the views of the consultants who lead the global Natural Resources search practice TRANSEARCH International – transcends national borders. It also presents a strikingly similar long-term growth barrier for nearly all of the world’s leading natural resources companies – that is, the scarcity of human capital and skilled leadership talent.

Growing tensions about the state of the world’s natural resources workforces have surfaced for a few stark reasons. These include the industry’s increased appetite for skilled workers, the ongoing challenge of convincing enough university students to pursue energy-related careers and the considerable demographic shift that is beginning to move the global post-war generation into retirement.

So come along and invest a few minutes’ time gleaning the perspectives of the TRANSEARCH global Resources, Energy and Infrastructure practice leaders as they frame the challenges ahead…

Download the complete white paper here:
Under Pressure: Natural Resources Human Capital.


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