The Way Forward For Industrial And Manufacturing Leaders

Perspectives From The TRANSEARCH Global Industry Practice Group

Leading industrial and manufacturing companies around the world are today confronted with a range of new and increasingly complex challenges.

From intense global competition and a market-driven shift in workforce deployment to new demands for innovation, industrial and manufacturing companies are taking steps to redefine their market position and drive long-term supplier relationships with especially discerning clients whose focus is squarely on value.

The specialist executive search consultants who comprise the global Industrial search practice of TRANSEARCH International – and one of the global ‘Top 10’ executive recruitment firms – are on the frontlines and fault-lines of the competitive shift. It is beginning to transform how industrial and manufacturing companies do business regionally and globally.

Their informed views of the changes that are redrawing the competitive marketplace and their recent engagement experience with client industrial and manufacturing companies around the world are reflected herein. They may alter your view of the market and competitive forces at work and how to evolve with them.

Download the complete white paper here:
The Way Forward For Industrial And Manufacturing Leaders.


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