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Our Approach

The complicated challenge of finding senior level executives is best met with the support of a firm with a proven track record of success. The tools that TRANSEARCH International uses provide a unique perspective regarding culture, performance, leadership, and team "fit". And our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride.


Thought Leadership

Investing In The Right People

To achieve what's next for your organisation, it's going to require the right investments. There are a lot of options to choose from - particularly at a time when competing interests and mounting global competition is raising the stakes on every strategic decision about your business... 

Committing To What We Believe

It's interesting to learn just how many leadership lessons intersect at the crosswords of just two words: "belief" and "success." Push aside most everything you find useful and inspiring in the words of some of the world's best known leaders, and you're left with their foundational observations that before committing time, money and resources to any lofty objective, we must first start by... 

Need Help? Start Serving Others

There comes a time in the career of every global business leader when he or she needs help. Your business unit may be in desperate need of fresh talent to develop new business, impress clients and prospects, and sell more products or services. You may need the advice of trusted peer or mentor to help you see what you cannot, to test your strategy or key operating assumptions... 

The Power of Apology

There comes a time in the life of a global executive when he or she is granted a lesson or two in the art of self-awareness. If these lessons are taken to heart, they invariably surface in our memories those occasions when we reacted too harshly to another's idea, when we rushed to judgment, when we discounted sage advice, or when we simply were too full of ourselves to recognise... 


In The News

TRANSEARCH International Strengthens US Presence

TRANSEARCH International is delighted to announce that Braswell Nees Group, an industry leader in executive search, based in New Jersey and Atlanta, recently joined them as an US partner. Chuck Nees leads the firm and is based in New Jersey... 

TRANSEARCH Opens An Office In Mexico

TRANSEARCH International recently opened an office in Mexico City, Mexico. Adrian Gonzalez heads up the office and a small team of professionals. Adrian has worked with top international consulting companies in different business areas... 

TRANSEARCH International Strengthens Australia Presence

TRANSEARCH International is delighted to announce that Slade Partners, an industry leader in executive search, based in Melbourne, recently joined them as an Australian partner. Geoff Slade leads the business, which he established more than 40 years 

Thomas Meyer Joins TRANSEARCH In Frankfurt

Thomas Meyer recently joined the Frankfurt office of TRANSEARCH as International Partner and Head of Financial Services in Germany. Thomas is the former Chairman of the Management Board at J.P. Morgan AG in Germany. 

Executive Spotlight

Our Executive Spotlight series features interviews with accomplished business leaders from around the world and puts a focus on insights, ideas and perspectives that shape organisational culture and performance across key industry sectors.” This paragraph will stay and be above all the interviews.

We spoke with Alejandro Gomez de la Torre, Chief Operating Officer for South America, SGS for his views on leadership, innovation, what emerging leaders must be mindful of in order to accelerate their careers, and more.


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